The following floors in a home in University City,
MO were refinished and stained in a Brazilian
Cherry color.  The transformation was night &
I also created a faux inlay and border at the
bottom of the stairway using stain.  The design
is an African saying with a simple border
following the outline of the stairway.
Before and after
pictures of the hallway
in the same house as
above. There was a lot
of moisture damage to
the floors that is not
there anymore. The
pictures to the right
are before and afters of
the office.  What
incredible changes!
These are the before/after pictures of the
office in the same University City home.
 The transformation was unbelievable!
We ended up painting the floor registers
The floors and staircase below were all refinished in a home in Clayton using an
amber gloss finish.  The wood floors were all original with the exception of the
kitchen, to the far right
.  The wood floor underneath the tile in the kitchen was actually
the subfloor and a different size than the rest of the house.  To achieve flow throughout the
wood floors, a new floor was laid in the kitchen, lightly distressed, and then finished to
match the original floors refinished throughout the rest of the house.
A Woman's Touch  
Remodeling LC
Staircase refinished in the city of St. Louis