A Woman's Touch  
     Remodeling LC
Tile.....a stunning and timeless product!  It can be created into exquisite
pieces of art.  I had a client say "Ronda, you put art in my floor - I love it".  
I am a Craftswoman Tile Installer with experience in all types of Natural Stone,
Porcelain & Ceramic
.  I am known for thinking "outside the box" and creating
one-of-a-kind custom inlays.  All of my designs come from within me as I see the
tile, hold it in my hands, and the space and I converse on a creative level.  I know
that sounds funny....but it is how I come up with my best work!
 My clients allow me
to create and that is just what I love doing!  Enjoy and let your surroundings Inspire
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Travertine & Glass
Stone Foyer
My client wanted a
'one-of-a-kind" foyer.
I believe I gave her
what she wanted!  
She loves it by the
way.  It is a
conversation starter!
Front Entry Foyer -  The Pin-Wheel pattern of this
polished Travertine, outlined with a double border
perimeter, is simply stunning!  Getting the listello to
wrap around the stairs without losing any of the detail
was quite challenging!  I was ecstatic with the end
result and so was my client!!  Worth every ounce of
creation and effort to produce such a beautiful floor!
Fireplace to the left,
After.....an eye pleasing
transformation using
Architectural Slate on the
fireplace surround and floor
tile slate on the hearth.  
Topped of with a  custom
made mantel to display your
favorite treasures.
Stunning rebirth
of the once outdated brick fireplace, using Slate to
transform this into a masterpiece!  
I created a herringbone inlay around the firebox
opening and a picture frame border set on the
diagonal around the face of the fireplace surround.  
We also installed puck lighting in the underside of
the custom built slate mantel and an outlet on the
topside, both creatively disguised in black.  
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Slate Front Porch
creatively mixed with
Cobblestone inlays in the
design of the front entry
door rug and stair treads  
Yes, it performs beautifully
outside; No, it is not slick!  
Uniquely Gorgeous!
Bar Walls were jazzed
up with Architectural
Slate.....now these
walls make a statement!
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Yes, I was asked to install the glass mosaic
backsplash and design the basement
playroom for the house they televised in
Shrewsbury (a municipality of St. Louis)!  It
was an incredible experience, one that I shall
never forget!
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