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The detailed craftsmanship of Finish Carpentry......I just love
creating beautiful things no matter if I am using tile or in this case
wood!  Let us design a built-in for your home or office!
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This combination living
room/dining room in
Glendale, MO needed
some life put back into it!
My client said "Ronda, give  
me Cape Cod and red
walls!" She let me control
every design element and
was absolutely thrilled with
the results!  My client was
so happy, she even held a
Reveal Party for her friends
& collegues when the work
was done to show off her
new space!  Besides the
fabulous built-in with
bench-seat, I also trimmed
out the entire space with
new moldings around every
window and doorway and
added crown molding to
polish it all off!
At some point in this classic
porches life, the original
beaded ceiling was covered
with a siding material and the
ceiling underneath was
rotting.  We took out the old
and installed new beaded
tongue-n-groove fir, staining
it to a custom color found on
classic porches of this era.  
This gorgeous classic porch
has now been revived to the
original charm and coziness!
Let us help you reclaim that
feeling only a old world
beaded ceiling porch can
give you,
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