A Woman's Touch  
Remodeling LC
Grand Master Bathroom
The original master was only 8'x5'.  
In order to gain a grand master
bathroom, we sacrificed a spare
bedroom which shared the original
wet wall of the master bath.  We
took 3' of that wall out to create a
walk-thru, which allowed us to
expand the original footprint into this
re-purposed area.  The shower is
the only element that stands in the
original footprint. The toilet, jacuzzi
and vanity area now stand in what
used to be the spare bedroom.
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Before -The original master bathroom
measured only 8'W x 5'D.  The new
shower remains in the same footprint.  
The wall behind the vanity was removed
from the far right corner to the edge of
the toilet to create a walk-thru which
allowed us to expand the master into
the adjacent spare bedroom.
During Remodel