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Stylish Tile Designs
My clients chose very stylish patterns for their
remodeled master bathroom.  They were most
definitely interested in a simplistic and functional
footprint coupled with unique styling to call their
own!  A Versailles pattern using Travertine was
chosen for the shower walls and wainscot giving
both areas flare and interest without be too busy.
 Precise layouts ensured the Versailles pattern
wrapped continuously from wall to wall without
interruption in pattern flow.  Each piece of
travertine was hand selected as it was installed to
capture & optimize color and movement in the
stone.  The shower pan boats 2x2 travertine on
the diagonal pattern for visual impact.  The
custom hygiene cubby carries the 2x2 element
but turned on the square.  All of the tile patterns
work seamlessly and compliment each other!  
Stylish, Unique & Comfortable!  
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Before -
cramped shower,
failing tile and grout,
plumbing leaks,